Kelimutu Lakes: The Three Lakes Have Different Colors
Discover the mystical charm of Kelimutu Lakes, where three enchanting lakes boast different mesmerizing colors. Immerse yourself in the wonders of this natural marvel in Indonesia. Plan your visit to Kelimutu Lakes now!

Indonesia is known for its breathtaking natural landscapes and beautiful beaches, but one destination that stands out from the rest is the Kelimutu Lakes. Located in the eastern part of the island of Flores, the Kelimutu Lakes are a collection of three crater lakes that offer a mesmerizing view of nature’s beauty. In this article, we will explore the history, geology, and tourist attractions of the Kelimutu Lakes.


The history of the Kelimutu Lakes dates back to thousands of years. The local communities living in the surrounding areas have various stories and myths related to the lakes. According to one of the myths, the lakes are the final resting place for the souls of the dead. Each lake represents a different stage of life - the young, the old, and the dead.

Kelimutu Lake


The Kelimutu Lakes are a natural wonder, and their unique colors and geological properties make them stand out from other lakes. The three lakes have different colors - one is blue, one is green, and the other is black. The colors of the lakes change over time, depending on the minerals and gases present in the water.

The geological formation of the Kelimutu Lakes is due to volcanic activity in the region. The lakes are located in the Kelimutu National Park, which is part of the Kelimutu volcano complex. The volcano last erupted in 1968 and is currently inactive. The crater lakes are formed in the caldera of the Kelimutu volcano and are fed by underground springs.

Kelimutu Lake

Tourist Attractions

The Kelimutu Lakes are a popular tourist attraction in Indonesia, and visitors from all over the world come to see their unique colors and stunning views. Here are some of the top tourist attractions of the Kelimutu Lakes:

1. Viewpoints

There are several viewpoints located in the Kelimutu National Park that offer a stunning view of the lakes. The most popular viewpoint is the Kelimutu Viewpoint, which is located at the top of the mountain and provides a panoramic view of the lakes and surrounding areas. The viewpoint is accessible by car, and visitors can take a short hike to reach the top.

Kelimutu Lake

2. Hiking

The Kelimutu National Park has several hiking trails that lead to the Kelimutu Lakes. The trails vary in difficulty, and visitors can choose a trail according to their fitness level. The hiking trails offer a unique opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the region and the rich flora and fauna of the national park.

3. Cultural Tours

The Kelimutu National Park is home to several local communities that have a unique culture and way of life. Visitors can take a cultural tour of the surrounding areas to learn about the local customs, traditions, and cuisine. The tours are usually guided by local experts who can provide insights into the history and culture of the region.


Kelimutu Lake
The Kelimutu Lakes are a must-see destination for anyone traveling to Indonesia. The unique colors, geological properties, and natural beauty of the lakes make them a mesmerizing sight to behold. The region also has a rich history and culture, with local communities that have lived in the area for thousands of years. Whether you choose to take a hiking trail, a cultural tour, or simply enjoy the view from one of the viewpoints, the Kelimutu Lakes are sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.