Mount Batur Hiking In Bali: Sunrise Trekking , View of the Sunrise Over Mount Agung & Lake Batur
Experience the thrill of Mount Batur hiking in Bali with sunrise trekking, offering breathtaking views of the sunrise over Mount Agung and Lake Batur. Embark on this unforgettable adventure amidst the stunning landscapes of Indonesia.

Mount Batur is a popular hiking destination located in Bali, Indonesia. It is an active volcano situated in the Kintamani district and stands at an elevation of 1,717 meters above sea level. The mountain is known for its stunning views of the surrounding landscape, including Lake Batur, Mount Agung, and the lush green forests. In this article, we will explore the history, geology, and tourist attractions of Mount Batur.

Mount Batur
Mount & Lake Batur


Mount Batur is a stratovolcano, which is a type of volcano that is characterized by steep slopes and a symmetrical shape. Stratovolcanoes are the most common type of volcano on Earth and are usually located in subduction zones, where two tectonic plates collide. The magma that is generated by the collision rises to the surface and forms a volcano.

Mount Batur is part of the Batur caldera, which is a large crater that was formed by the collapse of an earlier volcano. The Batur caldera is one of the largest in the world, with a diameter of about 13.8 kilometers. The caldera is surrounded by several other volcanoes, including Mount Abang, Mount Agung, and Mount Rinjani.

Tourist Attractions

Mount Batur is a popular tourist destination in Bali, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The mountain is known for its stunning views, hiking trails, hot springs, and camping sites. Here are some of the top tourist attractions of Mount Batur:

Mount & Lake Batur

1. Sunrise Trek

The sunrise trek to the summit of Mount Batur is a popular activity among tourists visiting Bali. The trek starts early in the morning, usually around 3:00 a.m., to catch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. The trek is moderate in difficulty and takes about two hours to reach the summit. The path is well-marked, and hikers will pass through a dense forest and rocky terrain. The trail can be slippery, so it's essential to wear proper hiking shoes and bring a flashlight. As hikers reach the summit, they will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the sunrise over Mount Agung and Lake Batur.

2. Hot Springs

The natural hot springs located near the base of Mount Batur are another popular tourist attraction. The hot springs are believed to have healing properties and are rich in minerals, such as sulfur, which is said to be good for the skin and overall health. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind after the hike.

3. Camping

Mount Batur is also a popular spot for camping. There are several campsites located near the base of the mountain, offering a unique camping experience with stunning views of the stars at night. Some campsites even offer campfires and BBQs, making it a perfect place to spend the night with friends and family.

Mount & Lake Batur


Mount Batur is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Bali. Its stunning views, unique hiking experience, and natural hot springs make it one of the most popular tourist attractions on the island. The sunrise trek may be challenging, but the views are worth it, and the hot springs and camping options make it a perfect spot to relax and unwind after the hike. The history and geology of Mount Batur add to the beauty and fascination of